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By Thursday, May 31, 2012 ,


Dear Earthlings,

Our 3rd bundle of joy was safely delivered on 18th May 2012, Friday morning on 9.16 am. He weighting at 3.35kilos, 500 grams heavier than his brother, Umair.

The feeling is still the same when myself was being pushed to the operation theater, when I saw my darling changes his clothes and  put on his blue uniform as same as the staff inside the OT, the same anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block, the same gynea did the c-section. The same situation happened for the 3rd time in my life. Nervous I am.

My mouth keep saying the dhu'a and  syahadah all the time during the operation although at one time I felt like myself was very, very weak. My eyes near to close but yet, i still can hear my darling's voice near me. Thanks sayang, for being with me. I knew, it was not an easy job to witness all this thing, not only once! but 3rd time.

I was stayed for 4 days and 3 nights in the hospital. My baby was fine, no jaundice and surprisingly, his blood type was AB+. Unlike his sister and brother, both were B+. Whatever it is, I was so thankful and syukur to ALLAH S.W.T for all his gift and my safety. Everything went well and according to my gynea, I'd still can pregnant at least 2 more kids!. :)). Not now and let's wait until my age is 35yrs old. :).

Finally, to my dear Zawji, May ALLAH S.W.T bless us always with our children and may they become a soleh and solehah caliph. Let's dhu'a for their best!.

Introducing our latest family addition : KHALEEF UWAIS B MOHAMAD FADHLY
May you become a soleh man
A special kiss from Abang Ngah, UMAIR


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