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Remember my previous posting on the breast pump (BP) that I've listed to buy and finally I've made the decision to buy AMEDA dual lactaline?. So, this is the story...
Initially, I was so tempted to have Medela FS as the feature/spec was superb and the reviews was also good, 5 stars!. I think, this is the only smallest model as big as your palm and of course it's very light!. It also battery and electrical operated. The best thing is, this BP have a 2 phases of expression mode which it can imitate the baby's suck.
hereby are the details of the features for Medela FS:

  • Hands-free accessories - provides the freedom for true pumping mobility
  • Rechargeable battery - allows for 3 hours of use per charge
  • Small and lightweight - can fit in the palm of your hand
  • 2-Phase Expression® technology proven to mimic a baby's natural nursing pattern and get more milk in less time
  • LCD screen, digital display
  • Memory button to save your most effective pumping pattern for ease and efficiency for the next pumping session
See how small and smart it is?so...that's why they called it as a "Freestyle". You can express your milk at anytime and anywhere. In front of cubicle, doing chores at home, driving or shopping and one of my colleague made a joke to do the 'pumping' job while do the presentation . (konon habis stylo la kan?)

But, despite everything I mentioned above, I just think twice about the price. Well, true enough that, you still can save your money A LOT if you still buy the expensive BP because if you do the math, formula milk will cost you around...RM150 per month and it become worst if your baby have an allergic and he/she only can drink soy based milk which the price? aahhhh~~~~ double from cow milk .So, let's do the calculation here : RM150 x12months = RM1800!. I only consider that for 1 children. How about if you planned to have more that 1? let's say, minimum is 2. So, RM1800 x 2 = RM3,600. Fuh~ fuh~ fuh~. Tarik nafas, lepas.....
That's why, we can still save our money A LOT, though we bought the most expensive breast pump.

Owh, Like everbody, I also did the surveyed and research on the breastpump. After free style, my second choice is MAMIVAC LACTIVE DUAL BREASTPUMP made in German. This is one is costly around RM1299.00.

Comes with a FREE Mamivac Handle which converts your electric pump into a manual breastpump!!
  • Professional Grade Double electric Breastpump
  • Suitable for active & working moms
  • 2 phase expression mode (Stimulation & Pumping phase)
  • Rhythmic suction (mimics baby sucking)
  • Protective diaphragm in the suction kit offers protection for mother and baby
  • Hygienic & maintenance free
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust ergonomic design
  • Attaches to most standard sized bottles
  • Photo of baby can be attached on the photo tray on the breastpump
  • Comes with carrier bag and accessories
Technical Specifications:
  • Vacuum Pressure: 75 -250mmHg
  • Motor Durability : 500 hours (for optimum performance)
  • Vacuum Cycle : Stimulation = 60 cycles/min , Pumping = 30 cycles/min
  • Weight : 0.9 kgs
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Size 13(W)X21(L)X12 (H) cm
But, the main reason why I hesitate to buy this breastpump is because, it's hard for me to find the reviews from the users whether in MALAYSIA or OVERSEAS. I did found it but in Germany language. Who wants to do the translation?. There a few blogs that I found , MALAYSIAN users gave some reviews and opinion on this breastpump but it still unsatisfactory. I also made a call to mom'slittleones and ask the sale assistant on the MAMIVAC LACTIVE model, any comment and complaints from the customer. She explained that, this brand is still good but the problem is, if there is a problem involving spare parts, it will take way long of time for me to get it fixed since the product/parts is made only in Germany. She also mentioned that, some customers do come back to them, complaint that, other bottles such as Bumblebee or Avent aren't compatible with this breastpump. So, that's it. I know German is a good manufacturer in the world. But somehow, after I considered all the reasons above, me finally, decided to buy AMEDA LACTALINE dual breastpump.


There a few reasons here :
- It only weight at 500 gram (very light)
- Battery and electrical operated
- It comes with a place to put the bottle in. So, no milk would split accidentally.
- Yes, it dual breastpump
- Silence pump
- It also have 2 phase of pumping mode, it mimic a baby's rhythm suction
- It also cheap but 5 star!.

I bought the breastpump from http://www.pumps4mums.co.uk/.uk and I got the price at RM522.68 after convert to RM and it includes the postage cost. Guess what?. You can't get that price in here. I've jot down the price from all online outlets that sell this item alone.

1) Blessedmums.com = RM688.00
1) Momslittleone.com = RM888.oo
2) enjoybreastfeed.com = RM799.00
3) fabulousmom.com = RM888.00

So, I'd really recommend this shop for you to buy AMEDA, MEDELA and LANSINOH products. I also got spare part and free gift from them. It only took 2 weeks for the item to arrive at my place. Now...it's for the picture time!!!

The parcel with recipients details on the box The AMEDA LACTALINE's boxA comparison between their model. Can read this from the box.The adapter. Already tried and it works!They have cycle and suction mode. Can be adjusted accordingly.It also a battery operatedcomes with spare partsCan't wait to use it.

You can find the reviews about this brand from here. Very2 useful indeed. Last but not last, anyone interested to know about the breastpump, you can drop your comment or send me an email @ nanyadifah@gmail.com.

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    so far still ok lagi sebab blom guna lagi sebab due bulan 12 nanti. Heheheh...but few friends yg dah guna bertahun2 still ok and in a good condition.


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