Raya 2010

By Monday, September 20, 2010 ,

This picture taken during Aidilfitri 2008 at Kelantan. Hannah was 6th month old at this time and yes! her mother also small because I can wear baju kebaya labuh.
While this one, just taken a week ago. Hannah is already a big girl, 2 yrs and 6 months old.While me?. I am carrying Hannah's brother inside my belly and he was nearly 7 months at this moment. Me looking soooooo chubby and fat!. HAHAHAHA. Kebaya labuh? kebaya singkat? Say good bye jer la. We don't have a spesific theme this raya. My husband said, his baju melayu still looks new and thus, he has no problem to put in his last year red baju melayu again. Me just bought one pair only and Hannah as well. It's ok, next year if panjang umur, murah rezeki...kami akan sedondong berempat. :-)

There's only 1o of us at this time. Very nice backdrop kan?. My 1st sis in law was engaged during that year. Coincidentally, the ceremony was held on 3rd hari raya if I not mistaken.
And..........this year, we have 3 new addition of Ab. Ghani's family. My BIL, my niece and our bibik. Hopefully, next raya will be gathered again. InshaALLAH.

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