Trip to KidZania

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I am so lucky because arrive at 10.00am. They just about to open. All the staffs will greet you with their ways. They will sing and dance to welcome the customers.

The counter where you want to buy a ticket.
Happy face sebab 1st time nak naik bas. Hannah sit beside Qistina. Mama ader amik gambar tapi blur la sayang.
Rombongan Che Kiah. 3 buah bas. Masa balik, satu bas buat hal pulak. Instead of 2pm smpi, kol 3.30pm baru smpi. Tapi Hannah still mantain muka happy. Alhamdulillah.
They only accept KidZO here. So, kena beratur kat bank nak tukar duit. Seronok kan?.

Hannah excited jadi nurse. So, they had to hold, clean up and feed the baby with the provided uniform!.
How the nursery looks like. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. Kids must enjoy it!

After completed her 1st duty. Dahaga kot. Hehehe
Next one, acara menampal sticker. She preferred to have it on her hands instead of face. Ok jugak, senang nak tengok.
Showing it to me!.
Part ni kelakar. Hannah and friends jadi postman. Pos Laju yer. So, kena lari laju2, sebab nak sure sampai dgn cepat. Ada kawan die sorang nih, boy jadik tukang tolak troli yang ader isi dgn barang yang di pos.
Firemen is ready to go!
More info, can go to their website :http//

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