The Taste & The Style of my Homemade Nugget

By Tuesday, September 01, 2009 ,

Mince 400 gm of chicken meat using food processor. Put 1tsp of salt, 1 tbs of margarine and 1tsp of pepper.

For coating, you need a breadcrumb. Too lazy to get it at GIANT. Brought this at my hometown. Very cheap as well... (I don't like this biscuit at all but my late grand mother used to eat this as her breakfast.Normally, this is how they eat... dip it into hot coffee for about 2/3 second...then, go straight to the mouth).

A very fine breadcrumb.

Next, make any shape that you like. Fully dip it into egg mixture and coat it with the breadcrumb. (as illustrated).

Last but not least, fry the nuggets until it looks golden and you can have it with mayonnaise / chili sauce. ( Quote from my husband)

ps : The taste?...definitely not as similar as Ayamas/Ramly/etc, but trust me, it was something worth to try. More nutritious, easy to do, cheaper from the market and even more your husband and kid like it very much!. Bravo!!!

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  1. hahaha, rajin bebenor.. mcm best jer.. bole la try utk jamuan raya umah korang nanti..huhuhu.. weh, bila?? kiterg gi NZ 26hb sampai 4hb..

    husband and kid like it very much! <- pakder tuh ko bg nugget hangus pun dia baham..

  2. Wah..bestnye, erm..abg ingat minggu ni nk balik KL, angah ade kt umah x ari sabtu or ahad, nk datang bukak posa sekali bole? Hihihihi...

  3. ZED : Perlu ker bgtau gi NZ tuh?..takat NZ restaurant tuh tak yah kecoh2 la bro....

    KURAST : you're welcome..meh la dtg.Nanti ajak Acik sekali.

  4. sedapnyaaa nan!!! nak rasaa?? mesti lg sedap kot dr kedai eh, lg sehat tu konfem dh. aishh ada nk bukak posa cr nuggets nih haha


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