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By Thursday, September 03, 2009 ,

Mak and my youngest bro
1st day food
2nd day food
Onde-onde special

We went back at my hometown on last Saturday. Hannah was very happy to see her grandparents, Pak Su and her Mak Lang. Dah boley pointed if she was asked..which one is Mak Lang, Pak Su..however, she still confused between Opah and Atuk. Dunno why...both of my parents are macam langit dgn bumi. My dad is big and tall while my mom is thinner and shorter than him.

Whatever it is, I do really enjoyed my 2 days vacation at my kampung. Especially when it come to break fast . Normally, when we're adik beradik bukak pose time kanak2...memang happening. We will make a circle in front of the food though there was another 15 minute to go to break fast time. But, that was back 20 yrs ago!. Now, break fast with my own daughter and granddaughter for my parents. How time flies!.

For me, my mom's cook is the best one in the world. ( I bet everyone will say this bout their mom's cook). Onde2 keledek yg sgt lembut and once you bite, can feel the nisse out from that. Only 3 of us are able to have a break fast together while my eldest brother got OT at his campus and my younger sister just went back a week before. Well, I guess..we will gather again 1/2 day before Syawal. Poor hubby, we just don't have a time to fasting at his place. Unless, you can get us an AIR ASIA or MAS.. we go!... :-)

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  1. Wa... I really miss kampung lah angah..Just like old days. Hari Raya we will go to bokde/pakje Hares house (dun forget sup Gearbox) hehehe...

  2. bestnya!!! lama dah xbalik kmpung..mana gmbr hannah nya?? hish.. ada ker gmbr daddy hannah yg botak tuh ibu letak..ilang selera uncle nak bila tgk lauk2 kat tgh2 tuh, slurp2..meleleh~ adakah mendapat ilmu masak lasagnia dr ibu dikampung?

  3. KURAST : Iyer la..but now, tak lalu dah tekaq nak menelan sup di umh bokde/pakde tuh

    ZED : Hohoho..mak aku tau buat lempeng pisang jer weh...lasagnia2 nih, die ckp... "tak masuk tekaq aku"...hehehe.Tapi lempeng pisang die sedap!


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