By Tuesday, September 15, 2009 ,

Venue : Our Place, Bandar Kinrara
Date : September,12,2009

The Iftar at our home was really great. I cooked Nasi Hujan Panas, Ayam masak madu, Jelatah Kelantanese style, kari udang and puding roti as well. Initially, I just invited my SIL and her husband. But, somehow, my husband asked me to invite his cousins as well since they have not come to our new house yet. So, it was 10 person including us.

Hannah was very shy at 1st. She looks unfriendly to her 2 pupu. Very contrast with them. Hyperactive and very friendly. Till, we left her with them at hall while us makan2 at the kitchen. We knew that she's fine and really enjoyed playing around (not really) when she suddenly laughing very loud. Time tuh..sumer guests terkezut..hahahaha..Owh, btw...30min later,she loved to play by herself and being an observer rather than join them and having fun together. She will laugh when her 2 pupu running around and chasing each other. When one of them yelled or cried heart-out..she will smile and enjoyed watching the scene. Hmmm...funny but that was her...we think that our baby need more exposure with more kid/toddler so that she know how to join them and play together.

These relatives are my husband's cousins. One of them are used to be his closed cousin. Now, anak dah nak masuk 2. After we having a chit-chat and second round makan2...they finally left our place around 9pm. Thank you for your time and definitely, will be another makan2 after this. See ya' at Kelantan next week!.

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