It's her day!

By Wednesday, June 02, 2010 ,

Our heartiest congratulations goes to my sis num 2 for her convocation. All of us was there except Ayom and her husband. The event was started around 10am and ended around 12.30pm. We then, went straight to the Ayam Kg Restaurant at Awan Besar R&R. Luckily my parents love the foods very much.

They finally arrived at the hometown around 6.30pm. Oh, btw, I don't have any picture coz forgot to bring the camera . Isk! Anyways, you guys can go to my brother's blog for the pictures.

ps : Acik, though you're not shortlisted as a 1st class students, but you always the best in our heart and I bet, you must be a one of your pupil's favorite. :-)

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  1. I am so touched with this entry.
    I can't thank Allah enuf for lovely people around;
    dear my beloved family, thanks for ur presenceit really made my day! thanks for never ending support, cares, loves and prayers.

    Alhamdulillah mom didn't scold me for not getting the 1st class.hehe.act, i am just reflecting my childhood when mom was really concerned about getting the best and only number 1:)

    for me, the most successful person is the one who has benefited from the knowledge, share and spread it around, be more humble before Allah and the one who is the greatest in the servitude to Allah.

    The most meaningful success meanwhile is the protection from the hell fire and the tribulation of the grave.

    i love everyONE of you..with hugs.....

  2. yes, mak was very concerned about getting number 1 in the examination. For her, there is no excuses if you can't get num 1. And you know what? I think, it effect me till now. I mean, in my career, I will feel a bit disappointed and frustrated whenever I can't get the best result for anything related with my task. Huhuhuhu

  3. ehe. are u being affected? hehe. i think she always wanted and still wants the best for us. i think any mom in this world also dreams the same lah..kalau tk tunjuk pun sebenarnya deep down in their heart mstilah nk yg terbaik untuk anak2.
    The good sides are:
    - kita jd competitive and persevering
    - we do everything diligently (hopefully) and always aim for the stars.


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