Fancy Cookies

By Friday, August 27, 2010 , ,

Finally!!!!! my dreams come true. I was so excited to attend this class ever since I saw these fancies cookies at Kak Lea's blog. They was so adorable to me. I took one day leave, since I got many more leaves and today is a public holiday for Selangor state. The class was started around 10am and finished around 3.30pm. Kak Lea taught us how to make the cookies, royal icing for flooding and outline as well as with the fondant. Personally, I think fondant is the most difficult to make when you have to do it manually by your hands and as a preggy woman like me, I am not powerful enough to do the fondant using my hands and fingers. You know, fondant just like a chewing gum and therefore you need a durable mixer to make your life ease. And the price of the mixer?...almost 2k..which I think, let us just bought the ready-made fondant then.

Compared fondant and royal icing. I'm so in love with royal icing rather than fondant. Royal icing is really fun yet test your creativity and ideas how to decorate your cookies. I think, before we start deco the cookies, we need to have some ideas and put it on the paper complete with the design and color that you want .

The conclusion was, I'd really enjoyed my class today. Thank you to Kak Lea as the owner of and my other 2 classmates, Ain and Ana. Owh, before I forgot, I did asked Kak Lea on how much she would recommend us to sell the cookies and she said that, the cookies are pricing at RM5 per piece!!!!!!. OMG! that was sooooooooo expensive. However, when I joined the class, now I know, why you can't sell it at RM2!.

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