Happy 53rd Independence day to All Malaysian!

By Tuesday, August 31, 2010 ,

Ops! sorry..terlalu excited smpi tertutup muka Hannah dgn bendera...
Macam nih la kalau mama suruh Hannah smile.
Mari kita laungkan..MERDEKA!..MERDEKA!..MERDEKA!!
Owh, Hannah suka sgt tengok star dan moon di atas bendera

Ok, itu sahaja dari Hannah live from Puchong. Hari ini, papa ke Bintulu selama 3 hari. Papa ckp , papa pergi work. But, I don't believed it at all because normally, papa and mama will go to their office wayyyy early in the morning. So, I'd cried out loud. Huhuhu..mama then, gave me this flag and bought me a pair of baju raya. Yeayyy!!! thank you mama. Love you so much!. Finally, let's watch this movie. Mama taught me, how to say "MERDEKA" in a spirit way. Spirit ke?...hehehe

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