Sneak preview for Hari Raya with Hannah

By Friday, August 20, 2010 ,

Initially, mama asked me to pose in front of our sliding door curtain because mama said that is the best background that we have in our house at the moment. But, suddenly, I have a better idea when I saw a basket of my toys. I love them all very much. That's why I posed with my toys. After all, I am a kid, kid loves toys, not the curtain. Sorry mama!..hehehe.
Don't ask me why I am posing like this. I also have no idea. Mama just said, another pose please..and, this is the outcome. This pose is when I tried my hard for not to fart. HAHAHA..

OPS!!!! this one when I realized that, the previous posed was immoral. That's why I am closing my mouth. Sorry!. I just want to test my "baju kurung" for this coming "Hari Raya" festive. Hehehehe. I hope, you can think that I am cute because I'm just an innocent little girl. Hehehehe

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