36 weeks

By Thursday, November 25, 2010

My baby put on his weight for 600gram within two weeks while mine was same as last visited. Being a quite pressure to complete all tasks before I start my leave made my appetite gone. It's worried me I think. *sigh*
I can say that almost 100% of my baby's stuffs are ready but yet, I did not pack my stuff and put it in the car like I did during my previous pregnancy.Well, let it done this weekend.
Today, it's only left around 23 days from my due date. Let's pray hard for everything! and hope that every planned will be going smooth and safe!

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  1. all the best... semoga selamat semuanya

  2. LINDA : Thank you dear. You too..take care of yourself and baby Aiman. Nanti kalau dah ok, Linda post gamba bb yer...:-)


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