That's Him!

By Friday, December 17, 2010

Alhamdulillah, our 2nd little bundle of joy was safely arrived to the world, early 10 days before the EDD. We decided to call him UMAIR and yet, we didn't finalized his full name yet. Umair Khaleef or Khaleef Umair.

I was undergone through 'C' section delivery for the 2nd time! ( nor , that's not my choice anyways). It was happened so fast, when Umair poop inside my belly. Like his sister did 2 years ago. Despite the excruciating pain that I went through after the morphine gone, ( which I feel like a disable person at least, for the whole 1 day) I was very happy and grateful because Umair is such a good boy and very healthy indeed.

I am now, a mother of two adorable kids!. Umair now, gained 200 gram within 1 week and he's now officially drink his mommy's milk only. I wish and pray to ALLAH to ease my job to BF him until he is 2 yrs old. Let's enjoy the picture yaaa!!!

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  1. WELCOME TO THE WORLD UMAIR DEAR!!! muahs~ comelnya.. salam sayang dr uncle terchenta.. nanti uncle lawat k.. awas! erk, mama bole masak ker kalo kitorang lawat? ker mkn beskot jer? <- nie datang nak melawat ke melantak?? usah di layan nany..

  2. hi umar...someday will play together2 ok.
    in the meantime, be a good boy and stay cute like me. LOL



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