Dinasours at Pusat Sains Negara

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You can get one free ticket if you have an enrich card. RM10 is worth it!. Though hari tu hujan, kami redah juga. Luckily tak ramai sgt org masa kami sampai and the traffic also was smooth all the way. For Umair, this is his 1st trip after confinement and as for Hannah,mama and papa...1st time tgk dinosaurs besar2 mcm nih. Hannah takut, so she become a koala, dukung dgn papa. Nasib baik, malam tu tak mengigau.Hehehe.
Hannah sgt excited berada di dalam fish tunnel nih. Umair sgt lena dlm Raw Silk Ring Sling. Stylo tak mama die?. HAHAHA..kasi peluang nak melaram after 44 days berpantang.
Dinosaur nih bergerak2, from his neck to head. Best!...Hannah mcm terpegun and takut!

They also provided a nursing/baby's room. Yes! support la Breastfeeding ya...
Saje nak posing dlm nursing room. Comfortable sgt. Ader sinki and toilet jugak.

If I not mistaken, they open daily including the public holidays from 10 am to 5 pm except on Friday, Hari Raya and CNY. Ticket fees is RM10 for adult and RM5 for kid. Below 3 yrs old is free ( hurmm...can check at their website www.psn.gov.my)

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  1. Salam ziarah,
    hana, why dont u hug the dinasour?!

    muka cuak hana can be categorized as comel ye!

  2. BANAT : Hahaha...Dino tuh is too big for me to hug them. Plus, there was a sign " don't touch". Obviously, I can't read..mama told me..hehehe


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