Hannah turns 3!!!!- Pictures

By Monday, February 28, 2011 ,

Too lazy to write. Let's make it short and simple....
Hannah is already 3yrs old on 25th Feb 2011. The celebration was held at our house on the next day, 26th Feb 2011 and due to mama's laziness, she's only invited my uncles, aunties , cousins and closed friends. My theme's birthday cake was....SPONGEBOB!!!..hehehe...he looks so real and I ate his shoes though mama said that, spongebob's shoes is dirty. The taste?...same as chocolate. To my surprise, mama ate another of his shoes... :-D.

My birthday's presents was :

1) Burung dalam sangkar - from Mak Lang. Nope, the bird is not real..but it's kind a sensitive to the sound. If I clap my hand, the bird will start chirping and singing. How cool is that. I purposely put it near the telly and as a result, my bird can't stop chirping. Mama finally, put it on off mode. Huhu

2) Tweety gown - It's a pink colour and I love it to bits. Thank you Che'Ngoh.... I wore it until evening and hard for me to put it off.

Overall, I thanked ALLAH for everything that He gave to me. I am 3 yrs old and I have a wonderful parent, a handsome and kind brother, surrounded by lovely peoples :- my grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles , aunties, cousins and friends.

So tell me, what more could I ask for..

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