Umair at 5 months

By Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When he was 4 months old weighting @ 6kilos.
Today, he is wearing the same shirt and socks but different pants and no hat. I bet he was really enjoyed lay on the weighing scale. HU~~~

By 5 months,he got 2 jabs at the same time. Must be trauma for him I guess. Hehehe. He took a infanrix hexa vaccine and 2nd pnuemococcal jab.

As for his milestone , he can turn very well now but he don't have any idea how to roll over. He will play during his tummy time and when he restless, he will then, simply gave us a sound that indirectly he wants to tell us that he is tired, please pick me up or...I am bored, help me ok?.. Till now, he is an expert in lift his head, pull his chest a bit higher,he also can play an action, such as grabbing a pacifier, play with his rattle by explore it using his tongue.

Here is my concern, when his paed told me that he suppose to gain 20grams per week instead of 13grams. His weight is not really increased like he did before. Then, the paed suggested to wean off him within his 5 months age. And I am baffle with so many opinions. Because google is powerful engine search. I am now becoming more and more confused. Although, WHO recommended to exclusively BF the baby till their age is at least 6 months old, others recommended to wean off when baby is 4 months old. Bare in mind that, lactation has always different perspectives or views with pediatrician. I don't have any problem with Hannah since she's only BF until 2 months. So, I wean off her when she was 4 months old.

Finally, I just follow my heart and it's no harm if I wean-off him with 1 tsp of plain porridge rice + breast milk. Let's do it today!!!

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