Good and Sad news

By Saturday, May 21, 2011 ,

Good News :

1) The only one my lil' brother got offered to further his study at 2 places. One is, Matriculation Centre, Gopeng Perak and second is at Uitm Arau, Perlis. well, after some discussions made among us (me, hubby, Ayom, Acik and Abang) he finally decided to pursue his diploma at Uitm for 3 years. Me, personally think that, it much benefits if he opt Uitm instead of Matriculation for few reasons . Reason #1, his matriculation program is for 2 years instead of 1 and after that, he need to further his 1st Bs.c for another 3 years. It's about time consuming and the course that he wants. We don't know if ader rezeki, he can apply his 1st job after complete his diploma. You can't do this with matriculation's cert. Don't you?.Reason #2, according to my younger sister, students in matriculation with 2 yrs program has always have an attitude problem compare to students who only with 1 yr program. I trust her 100% as she was a matriculation's lecturer .Hehehe

ps : Congrats Alim, belajar elok2 and jangan salah pilih kawan.

2) My younger sister finally can move herself to Selangor Matriculation centre after being waiting for almost 2 years. Initially, she was confirmed last year but somehow, due to err....technicall ( can i used this word Ayom?) her application was being canceled last minute. I knew, and I completely understand how much the frustration. I just can't say it too much because I love you so much. It doesn't mean that I don't care about you. Of course I care. I just don't want to make your feeling worst. So, I will seldom comment your status in FB and always pray for your happiness and my dear little Mu'az. Always remember that, ALLAH has always a BETTER plan for you. If not now, later. He will always say YES to our prayer. It's a test for you, Wan and family to make yourself become closer to the CREATOR. ALLAH. Now, 3 of you can enjoy this moment. The moment that you're waiting for so long. A zillion congrats for your patience.

ps : Can't wait for Mu'az to turn 1 year old. I already bought few clothes for him.

3) My youngest sister, an english teacher at Pontian, Johor was made us and her school proud for won the choral speaking at district level and soon, will be entering the state level. Congrats Acik. I believed, your hardship, effort is already paid by watching your pupils doing their best!. Keep training and wish you good luck for the upcoming competition. I told mak last week and of course she's happy to hear that. Ke mana tumpah nya kuah kalau bukan ke nasik kan?.

ps : I hardly wanted to watch the video la Acik. When I can watch it?

Sad News :

1) My uncle was passed away and I did not managed to pay his visit. Mak said, nobody knows that he was died until the 2nd day of his death when one of my relatives feel something was not right and want to check his condition. Obviously , there was no answered after they called his name for a few times. One of my nephew then, came and entered the house from the window and they confirmed his death. I was really shock till now. I prayed to ALLAH to forgive his sins and bless his soul.

ps : Saya insaf dan hari-hari terkenang kan mak dan ayah di kampung. Tentu mereka sunyi selepas adik saya ke Uitm nanti. Ketahuilah, mak dan ayah..saya sangat sayangkan kamu berdua. Ya ALLAH, peliharalah mak dan ayah ku...berikan mereka kesihatan yang baik. Sayangilah mereka , kasihani lah mereka seperti mereka pernah menyayangi dan mengasihi ku sejak kecil lagi. Amin.

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