Wajah-wajah Aidilfitri 2011- 2

By Saturday, September 24, 2011 ,

We have spent 5 days at hubby's hometown. We decided to visit 2 houses per day. The planned went smoothly until day-3. I can't recalled due to what reason we stayed at the house for the whole day and resulting we not visited Mok and Ayoh's house. Sad right?. But the good news are, mok and ayoh came to our house. So, technically, we have met them .hihihi.

My son at 8th month old
Hannah was fascinated with this thing. She called it "CHHOT-CHHOT" hahahaha
I think, the environment suit him very well. His nap time was stretched up to 3 hours in the morning.

Love this picture while nobody looking at the camera.
Lastly, Happy Independence day to all MALAYSIAN!

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