Wajah-wajah Aidilfitri 2011- 1

By Saturday, September 10, 2011 ,

The day before we celebrate Eid Mubarak. Ketupat nasi is-a-must-dish for our family. My mom and my sister num I do the pleat job. Me?... half way only. Hehehe. My part just fill the rice until 3/4 full. This is Hannah's 1st experience to fill the rice inside the sarung ketupat.
Night before raya. Hannah enjoying looking at Mak Lang's fireworks. She's afraid to hold it by herself. Appaaaraa~~~
Parents to be is eating their breakfast for 2nd round. This is the 1st time for them celebrate the Eid Mubarak together. :-)

Morning Syawal with my two kids.
Lakonan salam bersalam bermula...
Yer, semua nak posing depan tangga cantik mak ngan ayah nih. Above pic is my beloved brother and sis in law.
Lakonan bersalam tak menjadi gara-gara muka hannah yg funny. Akibatnya, kami gelak bagai rak.
Lakonan seterusnya tetap diteruskan though Hannah still maintain with her unwanted face.
Me and my sister num 1
My smile is explain everything. Thank you atok, opah, Pak Long, Mak Long, Pak Lang, Mak Lang, Mak Cik and Pak Cik!.
This is from Mu'az, please take it Kakak Hannah.
Kumpulan merah di hari itu
Pak Cik and Hannah.
One Big Family.
My cousin and also my ex room mate while we studied in UM. Glad we can met Jeng!. Ader rezeki kite jupe lagi yer...

Assalammualaikum readers...

I'm back after long break. Ramadhan is over and there is no posting during that month. Why? because .... I was really busy. Back from work, straight away to the kitchen..prepared the dish for breakfasting...once it done. Then, I need to entertain handsome boy since he's still BF . Then, get ready for breakfasting. After Maghrib and Isyak prayer, I can't hold my eyes anymore. Let my husband take care of Hannah while me settled my handsome boy.

This year of Ramadhan was really meaningful for me. I'll said that it's better than last year. To control our lust during the Ramadhan was not as easy as expected. I'll try my best to fasting as what ALLAH and our prophet asked. Not only restrict ourselves from eat and drink but also avoid from doing the bad thing including, talk unnecessary things, take care of our tongue, eyes, nose, ears, feet and hands. The hardest part is? to control our conversation from gossiping.Huhuhu

Till today, I'd still keep maintain doing the good deeds and pray to ALLAH ease everything for me. Syukur because, I have no problem to fast whilst my breastfeeding journey was doing great for the whole month. Subhannallah. Umair got enough milk from me. Tips?. Don't skip expressing your milk in the office, 3 times per day. Drink a lot of water during sahur and iftar. Set your mind that you can do it!. Pray hard to ALLAH and believe to HIM 100%. ALLAH berfirman kepada Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Beritahu umatmu, bahawa aku amat dekat dengan mereka. Lebih dekat dngn pembuluh darah. MashaALLAH. .....May Allah accept our fasts and good deeds and forgive us for any shortcomings. Ameen

Lastly, this year is our turn to celebrate the 1st day of Eid Mubarak in my hometown. I met all of my siblings. Another good news, my younger sis num II is expecting and will become a mommy early of next year :-). As other people, the best and precious moment is when you can ask a forgiveness from your parents and other family members. Other than that, I can eat and cooked together with my sisters, brothers, played with my nephew. Sounds not so cool, but I'd really appreciate those moments since, the opportunity to get together is not so easy.

We went back to Kelantan on the 2nd day of Raya and reached at hubby's hometown before the dawn. I'll story the celebration in another posting.

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  1. hannah, makcik is missin the gathering ..... hope we can meet again.inshaAllah. feel free to come to our place :)



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