Genius Aulad Field Day

By Tuesday, July 10, 2012 , , ,

The field day was actually like a family day. They combined with the sports for the children as well. I think, this the 1st time for  Genius Aulad  had this kind of event. GA Bandar Kinrara was combined with GA Putra Height and the event was held at Wetland Putrajaya. :)

As above, I love the #3 rules. It was a COMPULSORY for the family members and parents  to wear a sport attire that cover their aurat. Kuddos Genius Aulad!

This picture taken  after 4yrs old finished their activity. Luckily, they started the activity with 4 yrs old because, it was a blinking hot day!.

The activities  for Hannah and friends on that day was :

1)  Duck's walk

2)  Bean bag on head

3) Ping pong ball on the spoon

We did captured few videos and it was really hilarious to watch our daughter participated for all games. :))

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