Putu Piring kegemaran dan jubah

By Tuesday, July 03, 2012

 So I went to the tailor and take all the jubahs and the result?..oh la la!..Alhamdulillah..I am really happy and satisfied. They charged RM8 for each jubah. Very neat indeed. Wanna see the result ?..here you goes..

One of the jubah

After grab the jubahs, I went to complete another mission...he he he... Called my sis in law and confirm makcik yg jual putu piring tuh ader jual. So, pegi la cari and Alhamdulillah..ader rezeki dapat la beli 20 pcs. Yer, diulang 20pcs. I finished 5 pcs inside the car while driving. Hahaha..don't eat and drive k?. Memang sedap la, that's why borong. Now, I still keep another 5pcs inside the fridge. Yummy..kang kalo lapo leh makan. :)).. Wanna see 'em?

Rm2 for 5 pcs of putu piring.

Ps : If you wanna try to alter your jubah, can call this num : 019-3280742 (kak wan).

pps : I took more than 3 days for this entry. why???..baru nak start type..bb nangis nak susu, nak sambung balik..abang pulak nak attention...then bila dah damai, internet pulak slow..haihhh...

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