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Ok, Setelah penat lelah berusaha untuk mendaftarkan Hannah ke Ecole Maternelle ini, akhirnya berjaya juga. Thanks to Acik, sebab tolong dapatkan surat vaccine untuk Hannah. Very efficient one!. Jazakkallahu Khayran Kathira Acik and Doc Fatiha. So, nak register Hannah ke kindergarten ini kena pegi Mairie derang ( Majlis Daerah). Luckily tak jauh pun, 15min walking distance. Tapi sebab sesat ari tuh, lambat la sket smpi. Ada sorang French guy yg baik hati tegur kitaorg and tanya nak ke mana..wpun die tak pandai langsung berbahasa Inggeriss, tapi kami berjaya juga sampai dengan selamat.

The lane to the Hannah's class
De la ville de Neuilly sur-seine  ( Pejabat Majlis Bandar ). We straight to this office to get more information. Then, the receptionist ( feel relief she can speak english.Heheh) asked us to go to the other office. Macam pejabat pendidikan daerah if kalau kat Malaysia. The office just opposite of this main building.
So, this is their education office for the registration purposes.
Hannah in her classroom. Her teacher's name is Celine and mind you, here they do';t need to address their teacher properly. Kids as young as Hannah can call her teacher just CELINE. She was totally fine for her 1st day and somehow, the principal won't allow Hannah to wear a hijab to the school. No point to debate about it. France is France. They allow taking a porno picture, women wearing strips and prohibit muslim women from wearing niqab. So , i did not surprise at all. Sometimes, I have to admit that. It's difficult for me to explain when Hannah asked me why she can't wear a hijab. I simple say that, they're not muslim, they don't have ALLAH, they don't recite syahadah. I hope she will understand. In here, there will no school every wednesday (Mecredi). Hannah just attended only for the morning session since I have a very limited time in between if want to send her for the afternoon session. So far, until today, she enjoyed her school very much. No pressure at all. No books to read at home unlike in her previous kindergaten. Well, I think the environment suits her very well.

Till now, will update later since baby need to be settled.

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  1. Sekolah baru hannahlerni... harap dia dapat menyesuaikan diri di sana...
    ps.. akak dapat blogni masa google pasal genius aulad kinrara.. so sekarangni dah menetap di sanalerkan..

  2. Thanks sudi singgah ke blog nih.Awak tinggal di mana? Stay kat sini less than 1 year..inshaAllah,next year.balikmalaysia dah sebab project hubby pun dah siap..


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