Fav quote from Genius Aulad and another open house

By Monday, September 10, 2012

What works for one family or in one book or on one show or written in one blog may just fit them and not others. Each family is unique and the day in and day out may be different. Be a confident parent, it's the heart that matters.

I found that quote from Genius Aulad's FB status which I think , indeed true.  May ALLAH SWT shower HIS blessings to our family and protect us from the evil and syaitan. Ameen.

Anyways, we had another open house at hubby's colleague 's house on last Saturday. This is our second time went to landed house in Paris. The house is double storey and it got the spacious courtyard. Kids was happily running everywhere. There got a wine house too which they use as a place for laundry, parking, and playing for the kids as well. 

The thing is, landed house is far from the city. We went there by bus and walk just 5 minute to get to their house. Is exactly like our home in Bandar Kinrara. Miss my dearly home and country already. Huhhuh.

Here some pictures taken during the open day. Enjoy!

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