Cupcake liners and flower art

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Transform your cupcake liners into lovely works of art. I always feel the tremendous joy and value in creating art when I work together with my children. Of course, the atmosphere will not be always peaceful and harmonious especially when you have more than one child to handle. Remember, the result is not important. The process it is!. So keep calm and just do what you think is right. 

Umair did almost 80%  of his artwork by himself. Some ideas came from mommy.
This little man only supervised and assisted mommy with glue  and sticking task.Well done son! :p
Besides cupcake liners, we also used printable masking tape ( gosh!!! so many of beautiful and bold patterns sold in here) and origami paper to make the vase and butterfly too.

I believe, this is an excellent way to introduce them to relief artwork and patterns. You can try this at home with your children and don't forget to share your experience and result with me. :)

That's all

Thank you for reading!

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  1. yeay!!! tepuk tangannn kuat2....

    kreatif sgt...serius lawoooo...tak sangka leh jadi art yg mcm tu......

  2. cantik!!..and and craft mmg fav anak2 ua juga di rumah ni..


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