The fact of "Islam is a way of life" in a non-Muslims country

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

It's  my new habit when I love to observe my surrounding in my living area. We are living in Tokyo, and it is the most populated area in Japan but yet, it still safe and sound.

I can't deny that there is still a  crime, but the rate is way too small if we compare with another country. In fact, Tokyo has been shortlisted as one of the safest places for a woman to travel alone. A police officer often helped older and those in trouble rather than chasing a burglary.

Amazingly, the trust also applies everywhere in Japan. We saw a very rare sight when we visited one of the most famous and touristy places in Nikko area known as Edo Wonderland. 

When we keep reminding each other about safety but this guy apparently is not bothered about it. His wallet is tucking nicely into his pocket's trouser and exposing half of it.
Then we saw a  stroller full of stuff when we are resting on the bench in front of the nursery room. Nobody cares about the stroller, and the mother will always have a  "nothing- to- worry- about" thought in her mind, and she can breastfeed her baby peacefully.

Japan's vending machine sells the wide variety of goods, from distinct items such as drinks, cigarettes and food. Some of the vending machines are highly sophisticated where people can buy what they want by simply touching the display. Whenever I saw the vending machines, few things always popped up in my mind. Firstly, it will always be in a good condition and well kept. I never saw vandalism. No doodle no scribble. Secondly, how they are taking care of the money inside the machine without being stolen.

Everybody knows the fact that Japan is not a country dominant by Muslims. But yet, they emphasized a proper manner and positive attitude at most of the time. True enough, I see a slogan "Islam is a way of my life" in a country that no words of "ALLAH IS GREAT" being called at five times per day. 

Let's pray and hope that one day, our lovely country will turn out like this. A place where our kids can play freely outside or we can let our house unlock for the whole day. Oh yes! I did this several times here, and no bad things happened so far. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. ai like this entry
    If nihonjin jd Muslim nescaya depa blh jd Muslim yg sangat patuh Dan hebat.
    Ai x risau bawa handbag terbuka pun Kat nihon ni...if another countrys mmg risau.

  2. slh satu sbb ua nak sgt ke jepun adalah kerana cara hidup mereka..terlalu byk yg mengatakan manner masyrt jepun sgt bgus.

  3. In Shaa Allah, mudahan negara kita pon akan jd seperti ni..

    kalo kt sini, dh lama org kebas brg tu... lg kan h/bag y kt pegang pom blh kna ragut kan

  4. Akhlak mereka sangat tinggi... kagum betul dengan cara hidup mereka...


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