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By Wednesday, October 07, 2009 , ,

I'm very busying lately. Back to the office after raya break and only worked for 3 days. Attended open house and entertained my cousin and uncle/auntie on the last Saturday. Went to Felda Inas, Kulai for Hubby's unimate wedding reception and we spent the whole Sunday for this. Went for Geology Field Trip at East Cost area from Monday ( 5th October 2009 until now) and I'll be back in KL on this Friday. And guess what?....

My sister will get married on the next day after I reach in KL and I'm really sorry for her because I can't really help her much doing the preparation for her big day. But don't worry sis..I'll be in our house before 12pm on this Saturday. Our planned will be going smoothly, InshaALLAH......

I only have a time to update my blog with these sossy-mossy story after my sis kenduri.

That's all.
Thank you

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