Sister's wedding at Banting

By Tuesday, October 20, 2009 ,

Rite' after one week of wedding reception at our side. Now, it's turn at the groom side. It was held at Banting. My parents and other relatives was reached at Banting Mosque (which obviously is our last resort, before off to the groom's house). It was 5 cars and 1 van. Hannah was not in the good mood. Clingy and refused to put her shoes on. She was trying to take out her socks and her princess-dress. Haihhhh..I just can't stand with her attitude on that day resulting she's wearing her normal-day-T-Shirt without socks and shoes. Nak makan pon susah tau. Sebab die nak berkepit all the time. Macam2 la...
My SIS in Law in red and both are my cousins.

Hannah in the princess-dress. Still in the good mood.

Can you see the groom?

Rombongan Che'Kiah..That's my eldest brother. (perasan hensem lah tuh)

Hahaha..suddenly he was trapped! kena pegang payung. I was shocked as well. It was totally unplanned. Sorry lar, lari tema..all blue and suddenly..aik?..G.R.E.E.N..?

Meja dad, my youngest brother and my younger sister.

My BIL and my SIS

Renjis jgn tak renjis yer!

I'm wondering what was my dad last word before he left his daughter

It was my turn..and see???..Hannah pon sibuk gak


Pengantin lama pon nak bersanding lagi sekali

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