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By Wednesday, November 04, 2009 ,

This is her new skill and she just know how to pose
She thinks, she's cute!
This is how the way to sulk.


It has been a while after the previous post. I just don't have an enough time to blog. Currently, P1 got problem resulting the connection very, very shut down and go for sleep.

Well,well....Our life is still moving on. Everyone are doing very well in the house. My daughter, Hannah is already 1 yr 7mo old. She will turn 2 in 3 more months. Of course, she can run right now, able to talk a few words such as, papa, mama, bibi,fish, cat, shoes,car and understand some commands. She also can show to us which one is nose, eyes, chin, ear, stomach yet still confuse with 'hair','head' and 'hand'. She will show her hand whenever I ask.."Hannah, where is your hair/head?' the true is, she can't differentiate well the pronunciation that I've made and her favorite food is Kid's yogurt at any flavour.

I realized that, I have a perfect family. My daughter is grown in front of my eyes. She's clever,funny and sometimes...hmmmm....can throw her tantrum when we didn't fulfill her request and she know how to sulk. Everytime she heard azan..she will be acting with her both hand cover her ears and say this word.."ALWWOOOOOHHHH" with one breath!. I just pray to ALLAH, to protect my kid(s) and family from bad influence. Always being guide on the true path.......

Our marriage is already 3yrs. Though our anniversary is already past. But, this is the only time that we have to go for our honeymoon. Pls bare in mind that, we never go for honeymoon ever since from our 1st day of marriage. Langkawi will be our destination, this Saturday till this Monday. Will update once we back in KL.

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  1. hannah pandai posing depan kamera ye..comel nye nak pegi bercuti..honeymoon lagi...

  2. cutenya~ WOW, coming to 3rd anny dah korang! alhamdulillah..uncle zed tumpang gumbira..

    p/s: pakder kalo majuk pun sama jer, siap cium dinding lagi..hohoho


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