Langkawi-Day 2

By Sunday, November 15, 2009 ,

Finally, this is the second day story of our vacation in Langkawi. We started our day with Bread toaster set at the stall near our hotel. As per planned, we wanted to do the island hoping and cable car riding.

At 9.00am, the driver with his van came to fetch us at our stay. There is no other ppl inside the van except 6 of us. The van was very robust. No air-cond and Rizal (Ana's husband) had his hard time to open the van door whenever he wanted to do so. Hahahaha..nasib baik gagah perkasa. The journey is only took less than 10 minutes to that place. Oh, the fees for island hoping is costly you RM30 per adult and f.o.c for kid below than 3yrs old.
This is me and Ana while waiting for our turn. Luckily, there is no long queue. We just wait for 15min until they called us to go inside the boat. I was quite excited because this is Hannah's 1st time to ride a boat and I feel more confident because we ride at the lake instead of sea. So, tader la sea sickness kan?. True enough, Hannah was very enjoyed inside the boat. Cuma, rimas bile boat laju and the wind blow her hair and she can't open her eyes. Hehehehe...
This is her before we start the journey. Suddenly jer menguap..apa kes?..hahaha..
Zuyyin was curious at the surrounding. Looking back at other passenger. Our boat is catered for 8 person (excluding the taiko).
See? Hannah was closed her eyes and I have to cover her face while Zuyyin was enjoying the wind. Geli kot..hahaha..
This is our 1st stop..Pulau Dayang Bunting. The taiko explained to us where is her head (on the very right of you), breast and stomach(on the very left of you). If we moved more to the right, we can see the leg very clear. Soon, he said that he will bring us to the lake, called..."Tasik Dayang Bunting".
It took 15min to be at Tasik Dayang Bunting. And we have to walk for 15-20 min, depends on the speed to the Tasik itself. The journey was really tiring due to stair like at the Batu Caves one. Tapi tader la banyak mcm tuh. Even more, the terrain was like hill and I said, this is very good f0r exercise. Dgn dukung Hannah lagi....huhuhuhu..Memang pancit!

Ahhh..thank you to babywearing. My sling was very helpful since Hannah refused to be with her papa.
when we reched here, it was already almost 11a.m. The sun was very bright. Mmg agak panas la. Since, we didn't bring spare clothes and diapers for our daughters, so..we just rendam2 kaki je rla dlm tasik tuh.

We off from the lake after spend about 30 min at there. The taiko gave us 1 hour at the place. While having a journey back to the station, we need to stop for a while and fed hannah with her milk. Balik pon letih jugak. Macam jogging.
The next stop will be at Tasik Helang. Hannah was slept during the journey. She missed watch an eagles being fed by the taiko. We was there for about 15min and continued the journey to the last stop...called Pulau Besar.

By the time we arrived, it was already 1pm. Ha..mmg sgt panas. So, we just sat below the tree and our daughters played with the sand. Nak gi pantai main air mmg tak berani sebab panas.

After 1 hr....we off to our stay and we had our lunch around 3pm makan nasik campur. Then, we decide to go to few places like, Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar...unfortunately, our 2 princess was doze off and mmg tak sampai hati nak gerak kan derang. Finally, we just sit inside the car and we just passed the front of each places..After about 1 hour, we reached at Cable car place. At this time, we have to wake they up. Sampai2 jer we went straight to the rabbit and deer farm. The fees for the entrance was free. We just need to pay RM1 for the food that will be given to rabbits and deers.

Then, we went straight to the cable car point. As long as I remembered, we need to pay for RM15 per adult for the admission fees and f.o.c for kid below 3 yrs old. Inside the cable car was no aircond but they opened the small window on the top of roof...boley rase la sejuk kat atas tuh. Memang I just freezed and make sure Hannah is behaved inside the cable car. We have 2 stops at the top and we choose the last stop which is is the highest stop point to see the view of Langkawi Island. Again, before we can reach at the real bridge, we need to do the exercise again...this one is more challenging because the stair was almost 90 degrees. Rase mmg tak cukup oksigen bile dah smpi kat tpt tuh.

Of course, we enjoyed the scenery. Cantik and kagum dgn ciptaan ALLAH S.W.T. Even more, the weather was really2 good..tak panas and tak hujan....

This is the last place for the 2nd day activity. Pantai Cenang was just located in front of our stay. We parked our car and walked straight to the Pantai. I felt in love with this pantai...the sand was very white and very fine grain. It was full by tourist and guest but it was too hectic and was just...nice and fab.
By the time we reached our room, it was 7.30 pm...mmg exhausted sebab berjalan dari pagi smpi ke petang. I bet our kids was enjoyed their day. On that night, we just had our simple dinner at nearby the area. it was not hard to find the place for eat. A lot of stalls and high class restaurant at Pantai Cenang.Simply, just step out from your place and you will find yourself already at the food areas. We ended our 2nd day around 10pm.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

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  1. day-2 mananya mommy?? adakah ianya tersirat??

  2. Best nya! Rasa macam nak pegi je Langkawi. But suspen la nak bawak anya naik bot. Hannah ok eh?

  3. K.REEVA : Best gi Langkawi. Recommended la nak jln domestik. Banyak Hotel yg best2..yg murah smpi yg mahal. Pilih jer nak yg mana.Hannah ok naik bot..but, make sure pegang die kuat2 la tu jer...

  4. wow wee....
    bestnya bercuti di langkawi.... kena plan nih...
    hehehehe.... enjoyed the photos actually...teringat zaman2 dulu masa kat sana...
    selamat tahun baru...



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