Langkawi-Day 1

By Friday, November 13, 2009 ,

This is our last holiday in this year. Thanks to AA for the promotion. I've managed to book flight tix (return) and our stay at Nadias Inn for 3D2N for 2 adults and 1 toddler with total cost RM499. Cheap rite?. Kalau lagi awal book, I am sure, we can get 4/5 star with that price. Takperla, furthermore we just use our room to sleep, take shower and perform solat. Rest pon kejap2 jer . Our flight from LCCT was on 7th Nov at 2.05pm. The night before, I told my husband to buy a larger luggage since we do only have the smallest one. I don't think that I can fit all of our clothes (me, hubby and Hannah) inside one bag and.....surprise, surprise..there was a SALE at Jusco Equine for luggage and bag at their LG. Ding..dong..we bought POLO luggage and the bad story was, my ATM card was being swallowed by Maybank ATM Machine.Bugger. I knew my husband is a bit upset with me..but, hey!...that's not my fault. Machine tuh yang bangang. Cut off the story... I just called CIMB hotline number and told them to terminate my card IMMEDIATELY. We arrived home around 11.30am and that's the only time that I have for do the packing thingy resulting I left a few items..i,e bottle's brush,liquid soap for the bottle,baby's oil,nail clipper, hubby's tracksuit for the island hoping activity. Memang kalut sangat2. Finally, we off to LCCT around 12.00pm and by the time sampai, parking yg dekat dgn balai perlepasan dah penuh. Terpaksa parking jauh and menapak bersama2...sib baik tak panas sgt.

Hannah and her daddy is walking to the plane. Hannah was very excited when she saw the plane. She was well behave along the journey. No cries like when she was 8 months old. That was very bad experience for me at that time. Huhuhuhu. The journey was took almost 1 hour to the destination.Once arrived, me and Hannah straightway went to this fish tank.
And she told me this is...pish..pish...pish...she admires Nemo very much and tried to kiss and touch it. Hehehe
Now, her daddy's turn to entertain her while me dah lenguh tangan dok dukung die sebab nak tgk pish...haaa! that one is exactly not the fish...Owh, I forgot to tell you that, this vacation was planned by me and accompanied by friend , Ana. She was my best friend when I was 6 yrs old. We had our childhood time together and it was very fun for both of us. Until, she and her parents moved to Felcra Seberang Perak, Kg Gajah. Nope, we didn't lost contact at all. In fact, we keep in touch by using letters and sometime, yes, call jer la. sekejap2....hehehe...that was a long, long time ago. And now, masing2 da kawen ade anak.Both our kid are girl and their age are about the same.
After we reached Langkawi Airport, Ana and his husband was already there. They managed to get the rental car for RM270 for 3 days and it was new Honda City. Ana told me that, the price was increased already compare to last year. She said that, the owner of the car mentioned about the car permit. That's why jadi mahal. I was very satisfied the condition. Mmg tip top la..selesa berjalan bersama anak2 yang tgh hyperactif nih. Rite after check in, and solat jamak sumer..we went to Pekan Kuah area for lunch+dinner. The food was ok and the price pon tak mahal sgt.
Then, we went here,Hj Ismail for shopping. I didn't shopping much because I have no intention at all to shop here. Most of ppl said that, pinggan mangkuk , sud, garfu,senduk, periuk belanga sgt murah di sini. Yes, I coouldn't agree with you. But, like I mentioned before.. that was not the main objective for our holiday. Lagipun, I can buy all those thing when I at husband's place. Lucky me!. hahaha. I only bought chocolates and 1 glass tray. I glanced at my watch as we step out from the shop..and it was already 7pm. I told Ana to go back to our hotel and can resume the plan by tomorrow morning. Hannah was very exhausted. She sleep soundly that night and to be continued.....
Our rental car

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  1. eeEEEEee..lama uncle zed x komen! best2..uncle sendiri pun xtau la pernah gi langkawi ker idak..seingat uncle mcm xpernah..jelesnya~

    tu la, byk sgt duit sampai atm pun nak telan kad ko..hohoho..motif nak bli pinggan mangkuk pastu hangkot dlm flight?

    wah, terpancut cahaya kebapaan pakder melayan hannah..


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