Munir's Birthday

By Sunday, December 13, 2009 ,

Went to Munir's birthday last 2 weeks at OUG Condo. Never know that our house was2 very near..Sorry la Ninie, sampai dah lewat..we missed the cutting cake session. Anyway, let's layan the picture..

Thanks Yus for make your time to wait for me. Not to forget, my dear friend, Ninie and her husband, Din for invited us to your son's birthday party. We've a great time after not meeting up for about 3yrs...Next birthday Bahirah, jemput lagi ok!..

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  1. Wahh.. Hannah tak lepas lepas belon merah tu :)

  2. heheh nany aku lupe sgt kek nak bagi kat ko. dah balik tu baru teringat!ok tunggu besday bahirah, nnt ko dah tau jln kuil tu hahaha senang sikit nak smpai.

  3. K.REEVA : Yup, Hannah obsessed with ballon laaa

    NINIE : HAHAHAHA, funny la, ingat GPS bagi wrong route. Very the suspicious one. But finally, we make it...!


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