By Wednesday, December 30, 2009 ,

After she had 3yrs in IPBA and 2yrs in Ausie, finally..she's now become a teacher. My heartiest congratulation goes to my lil youngest sister. Sadly, she will be posting somewhere at Pontian Kecil and FYI,she didn't put Johor as her choice , none...not it the list..but, I believe..this is her rezeki and let us just be a grateful rather than keep complaining . I know, you can survive sis!.InshaALLAH, her 1st day will be on this coming January,4th.

Not only that, she also told me about her convocation . The 1st one will be held somewhere on Mac 2010 at Nikko Hotel, KL and the fees is around 30AUD per person and it will be under The University of Queensland, Australia. Personally, I really think that the fees is quite expensive . The 2nd one will be organizing and held at IPBA itself..dunno the details yet. but for sure, it's F.O.C and Yes, she will be attending 2 convocation ceremony since this is a twinning programme.

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