Aren't they cute?

By Wednesday, April 14, 2010 , ,

Both of them seriously watching TV
This is their 1st posing after I asked Hannah to show her teeth..of course papa just copying hers.
This one is so-called wrestling action but papa managed to smile...
Hannah is soooooooooooo sensitive with our feet. She will say.. "geeelllllii...gellliii..gelliiii"
Looks papa doesn't care with her geli feeling. He keeps shove his foot at Hannah.
And yes!...I love them both coz they are my soul mates...

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  1. cute sesangat...hannah time cik nie kat sana xde lak jd camtu..hmm..

  2. hannah..comel sgt hannah .love u hannah. maklang

  3. MAK LANG : I know2...thank you Mak Lang. love you


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