Class Deco cupcake by Cupcakekasih

By Sunday, April 04, 2010 ,

oh yes! Finally, my mission to enroll a cupcake deco class was being fulfilled yesterday.'s was a great experience for me. Now I realized, why the price for this kind of cupcake (using fondant as a deco) is quite expensive. It was a though job!. Basically, you need a strong determination, a passionate, patient, high energy level and as well as the creativity. The 7-8 hours class was really worth-it, when I can do the decoration by myself. Have to practice a lot and i think, perhaps I can use a play- doh set 1st to sharpen my skill. Hehehe

Btw,in order to do the fondant, you need this mixer machine, which cost you around RM1900!!

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  1. that's a nice anniversary present!! Thanx in advance Pakder on behalf of Nany~ <- ini bukan statement free ok, in return, ako nak keyk pondant replika pakder dlm pakaian renang!!

  2. mak ai mahalnye, tapi memang lah cantik :)
    ok. how about the taste? does the appearance lie? hehe

  3. cantik cup cake tuh, cume mesin di mahai, kalu plan untuk biznes ok la kot..