Hannah Birthday Bash

By Sunday, March 28, 2010 ,

Alhamdulillah..everything went smooth. Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrated Hannah birthday bash together.

My ex-schoolmates, ex-course mates, old friends, ex- house mates, neighbors and relatives. We're apologize for any shortcoming during the event. So many guests to entertain and yes, we're short of helper.

I am truly happy and delighted because 99.5% of my planned was successful. Putu piring that should be on the F&B table was not there due to technical problem. Takder rezeki,nakbuat macamana..I hope, all of you enjoyed my foods.

Well, the preparation was started from the day before the event. In fact, I was took a leave just to make sure all my plans all on track. (Agak poyo)..HAHAHA). We went to pick up the cookies, bought some stuffs at GIANT, went to buy polystyrene cups,bowls,plate,fork & spoon at my SIL's place somewhere at Taman Medan. Trust me, the price was also much, much cheaper from other big outlets. I recommend you guys to shop at here. Everything you want , you will get it. Especially, if nak buat kenduri or any majlis makan2.

At that morning,we went to USJ 4, to pick Hannah 's birthday cake. Around 2pm, hubby off to Taman Medan to pick up the sate and he also need to buy plastic spoons sebab tak tau letak kat mana. Hishhh....mmg miserable btol. Rase nyer, all things dah masuk dlm 1 plastic bag.

Our 1st guests,Su and Basri was here as early as 3.30pm since they need to go back to Basri's hometown at Perak. Time tu mmg air pon tak ready lagi..ais baru nak dimasukkan. The event, officially started around 5pm. Trust me, it's not easy to be a host. I was totally flat by that night!.

So here was the cutting cake session. . All pictures was already uploaded in my FB. Check it out guys!!

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  1. fancy cookies comel la..irfan sayang nak makan mickey mouse tu..hehehe

  2. hannah mcm confuse besday sape sbnarnya.hehe

    -uncle tom-

  3. LLWANIEL : hehehe...thank you2.Happy to know that you like it!

    UNCLE TOM : Memang! hahaha


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