We don't want our money back coz' we'd enjoyed the show

By Sunday, March 14, 2010 ,

The show was great. Hannah was really, really stunned when she saw her fav cartoon, Mickey and Minnie on the stage and it just a few meters away from our seat. Well, let the pictures and videos tell you everything.
The show started 5 minutes late from the scheduled and there was also a 15 minutes break. Never thought there was a quite big turn-up of peoples. Mostly, parents came with their kids. They also sold some fancy-disney-stuff like..mugs, toys, books, t-shirt with mickey printed on it, ballons and so forth..Luckily, Hannah tak pandai nak mintak2 lagi..if not, kena jugak meredah crowd just to buy that stuff.Btw, they sold the popcorn at Rm10 to RM25!. The taste was not good as the one at GSC...Tak habis pon, dah la lemau!. Huhuhu...

InshaALLAH, if ader rezeki, we'll definitely go for the next one!..Next year I guess...

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  1. hannah. maklang n pak lang really impressed with the mickey too even we just see them via the vid. u r vr lucky..kecik2 da tgk mickey real.mak lang tgk jgk wkt kcik dulu..kat dapur opah..hehe..opah tangkap lagi mickey tu guna perangkap tikussssssssssss.kehkeh. plese tell ur mom n dad 2 buy pop corn at pasar ahad bagan datoh.. the taste is relly great n the price only RM 1..seringgit wa'eee...uwualah.kok sepoloh ringgit to..mandhann.

  2. Bestnya pergi!!!!!
    Anak-anak tengok promo bising nak pergi, tapi abahnya malas nak pergi KL.... Dulu ada jugak kat Penang.

  3. AYOM : itu nama nyer cik ti laaaa..

    AISHAH : Takper, next year ader lagi. Boleh hangkut anak2 pegi yer..hehehe..kami pon 1st time gak pegi.Mak ngan bapak nyer pon kagum sekali..hahah

  4. wah..seronoknye hannah dapat g sane..kecik2 dh dapat tgk the real mickey n minnie, bertuah sungguh..cik nie smpai skrang duk kene tengok kartun je..

  5. Cik Nie : Mama and Papa pon suke sgt tgk real mickey and minnie. Extremely impressed!!!!. Takper, nanti Cik Nie doh kijo, banyok pitih leh la gi tgk concert nih..hehehe


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