After a long pause

By Saturday, July 17, 2010 ,


I knew I 've been away for a quite long. Well, there was so many things happened lately..bad and good news. Life is getting challenging nowadays. Let's check what is our latest story :

1) Hannah is already 2 yrs and 5 months - she's a demanding toddler yet a shy girl. She's improving her vocab. She never failed brush her teeth everytime she bath, she can feed herself, she loves to play with friends that same age or older than her. She's not interesting to babies. She's learning how to become a polite person, she will say "pleeeeeeasseeeeeee and thank you", recite a prayer before eat and sleep (we keep remind her to do that). She loves to watch cartoon very much. She know where to hide the astro remote from her parents and so many things and new skill that she's just acquired.

2) Papa is as usual and he passed his assessment and let's wait and see on his promotion.

3) Mama was just getting back her appetite. Back 4 months ago,she was in no-mood, picky eater, always lazy and loves to sleep. Hehehe. But now, Alhamdulillah, she's in a good health. Do you know why this happened to mama?. She said that, I'll be a sister soon.. yeayyyyy!!!!!!..(and yes, mama blames the hormones for not updating the blog.)

4)Bibik was agreed to continue work with us. She suppose to go back to her hometown in Indonesia by the end of this year or at least by early next year. Syukur, because my bibik was very kind toward us. I always pray to ALLAH to protect my bibik from any harms and give her a very good health, strength and happiness when she's with us. Bibik's birthday will be on August and mama already bought her a "telekung" for the birthday present. I hope bibik like that.

5) I can't wait to meet my new cousin from my papa's side,Faradis and my Mak Lang's son. Mama said, her baby is still in her belly. Soon will see the world. InshaALLAH by this end of month.

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