Hey little bunnie!!

By Monday, July 19, 2010

I'll be having my forth ante-natal check up tomorrow evening. I hope I can see the gender since she/he is already almost 5 months in my belly. My appetite is already back and am wondering how much weight that I gained. Scarry..huhuhuhu...

I didn't bought anything for the baby yet but I bought something for me..yes! woman loves shopping. Since my previous maternity clothes was all expired and I have no idea where I keep them all. ( Tipu, sebab rasenye ade dlm kotak dan kotak tuh dlm store..)HAHAHA...yes! another reason to shop...weeeee!!!..

Oh...I bought this oil ( at your right side) to avoid my skin at particular area esp around my belly though I know that it will not really works..but I believe, It's able to reduce the stretch marks soon. Previously, I used a cream ( can't remember the brand )..but sadly, my stretch marks was everywhere at my belly..YErKKSSS!! HAHAHAH..
Can't wait for tomorrow appointment. Seriously, I am not hoping a boy for our second child because I want more than 2 child in the family. Let's wait and see.

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