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By Friday, November 25, 2011

Recently, I am so lazy to blog although there was so many things to story and share. I think, it was due to my pregnancy hormone which drive me lazy to do anything especially in the house. Lucky, my sickness is not worst as 1st pregnancy and 2nd pregnancy. Talked about pregnancy. I did not tell anybody in my family members. Yes. Until the moment I am typing now. So, if my sisters / brothers / in laws read know that I am expecting number #3. Initially, I was shocked and blame the oxytocin and prolactin hormones. Things happened too fast. But I believed, this is a REZEKI from ALLAH and Almighty always know the best for us. Umair is still breastfeed but not fully anymore. We gave him a formula milk and as I expected, he refused it. So, we offered him a fresh milk, low fat and he enjoyed it very much. He can finish this per day :
Since, by early next month he will turn 1. We want to give him another formula milk. Who knows he will like it?. Otherwise, we have to maintain by giving him his favorite milk. As of today, his development skill is went well. By 11 month old, he now having 4 teeth. Love to bite us and his favorite spot will be at place that full with meat and fat. HAHAHAH.
He also love to play with his sister. Nobody know and understand their language but they does!. Stairs is the place where he want to test his strength. H
e loves to eat anything including paper, tissue, plastic and the list keep goes on. Because of that, we also don't have a problem when come to far, he did not refused with food that we offered. Vegetables, fruit, chocolate, fried mee hoon, etc. Different with Hannah. She is so picky when come to the food.

Hannah is big girl now. She has her own bedroo
m now. As for beginning, papa will accompany her until she feel secure to settle by herself. We think that, the soon the better. She also requested her bedroom to be painted with purple colour and yes! we granted her request. If I have a time, I 'll upload her bedroom picture . She now very talkative, very good in expressing her emotion. Bath time is fun for her since she always bath together in the tub with her brother. Can sing as well. Love to watch timmy time. Respect us more..imitate us when she feels she want to.

I think, our maid is her slave now. She know bibik will follow her command. She will negotiate with bibik until bibik say YES to her. But not with us! I think, the consistency here is very important when we want to deal with toddlers. Well, they were very good in manipulating the situation. :-)

Me?. I am still breath till today. ALHAMDULILLAH. they was an event that I joined last month. A talk from Catriona Ross.She talked about her "penghijrahan". I did took some pictures with her. Tomorrow, another talk to attend with husband. Prof Dr Muhaya will come to KLCC and share with us how to be good in the office and in the h
ouse as well. Talk about rezeki, I couldn't agree more when ALLAH is MAHA PEMURAH. When I knew I am pregnant. My HR sent me a good news on my promotion. Now, I am so blissful with what I have.

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  1. akak...congratulation...bertambah lagi anak buah cik nie..hehe..

  2. Cik Nie : tahniah, kerana menjadi org pertama yg tahu. Adakah?..hahaha...take care ! mesti tak sabar nak habis study nih. Muahs!

  3. tahniah untuk baby and promotion. very excited to hear both good news..hows dr muhaya's talk? hanah n umayr are so cute and beautiful..



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