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By Sunday, November 27, 2011

I felt reluctant to attend the talk by Prof Dr Muhaya. This is because, at the same day my daughter Hannah will have playgroup and coincidentally this is the last module for her and there will be a certificate and gift given by her teacher and also small makan2. Thus, I just let ALLAH show me the truth path and anything come in front , I'll do just for ALLAH. Until Friday is coming.... my heart told me that, it's OK to miss Hannah's playgroup and attend the talk instead. That feeling was very2 strong. So, we finally arrived at KLCC around 8.10am and nicely parked our car in front of the escalator door. Perhaps, this is a long weekend and most people are don't wake up yet and some of them spent their holiday outside from KL.

Surprisingly, I was bump with my SGM and his wife on the way to the place the talk will be held. I don't expect that I will meet with my office mate especially my HEAD of department. But, after all, I know what type of boss is. ALHAMDULILLAH...ALLAH choose us to spent our half Saturday to this majlis ilmu.

As per planned, everything was went smooth. Prof Muhaya also come on time. I love people who punctual because she also appreciate other people time. The crowd was not much at that time but, she made an effort to shake every women in the hall. Very humble person indeed. In fact. that was the motivator should do. Show us a very good example.Nurin as an emcee

Prof Muhaya giving her talk. No presentation slide which made the crowd focus on what her saying.

The talk was very interesting. I love it , love...love..love!. She gave an reality example how and what type of people are we. The tag line that she kept mentioned, more than 50 times were... "BUDGET BAGUS". For example, Some peoples invited people come to celebrate to their anniversary, made thanks giving ceremony because their kids straight A in examination and without think any peoples's feeling, sibuk tanya anak orang lain dapat berapa A. Bangga yang amat! All these things are BUDGET BAGUS.

She also mentioned few quotes during the talk. One of that is...Life is a donation but not duration. She also said that, our life is too much influenced by media. We need to love ourselves and others including, husband , parents, siblings, friends and others hanya kerana ALLAH...The case that she story to us really made my opened. There was one Datin came to her complaint that her daughter difficult to perform the solat. But, when she look at the Datin on how she dress, she said....no wonder her daughter is not taat and patuh to ALLAH. We need to fix the root not the fruit. As a parent, we need to be a good model to our kids. During pregnancy, we need to cover our aurat , from that... we showed to ALLAH that we as a hamba , patuh dan redha atas segala perintahnya. This is all effect to our baby." Prof pun malu tengok org pregnant yang pakai ketat2, ambil gambar, tunjuk perut sumer. Saya rasa nak pergi dekat org tuh and tegur....tak malu ker pakai ketat2 macam nih?"Subhannallah...

Overall, the program was good!. RM10 is very cheap compare to the knowledge and meaning that we got. Thanks to BAKIP and HR for organized this kind of event. we bought her book and 4 CD and costly around Rm50.

ps : ALLAH has always a better plan for us. I thought I missed Hannah's playgroup but I was not!. Hannah's teacher , Efffa was involved in minor accident. Alhamdulillah...she was fine. It opens my eyes that..ALLAH knew what inside your heart. I felt selfish when I did not bring Hannah to her playgroup but I said...this is a sacrifice...choose to attend Prof Muhaya Talk just because of ALLAH. Effa, have a speedy recovery ok?. InshaALLAH, next week kite jumpa.

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  1. prof ni yg wat lasik kat PCMC...


  2. Pandai! tepat sekali. Pakde jupe kawan lama kat situ. Nama Jada ..hehe


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