Twins of faith- Day 1

By Sunday, December 25, 2011

Before I went to the event, I was stuck in the Columbia Asia Puchong for almost 3 hours!. Waiting is not my strength. I did normal procedure, register-urine test- blood pressure-measured my weight. Indeed, it was a BIG relieved when a nurse called my name. Finally.

Funny is, when the gynea, Dr Raja asked about my Abaya. When I laid down, she's so into it. Feel the material by her fingers. I am about to promote but she did not reply when I asked whether she has a FB account or not. Hahaha. Nevermind, I think she was so busy that day. Thus, can't really focus on my question.

Next, baby progress was good and we managed to get know the gender. Yes, It's B.O.Y. We can see clearly 'that' image. Alhamdulillah, I am happy since everything is went well.
Mine is actively moved inside my tummy

Next, another episode to deal with. I need to wait for payment. Isk!. Then, I just went to the counter and said this to the officer :

" Puan, sy nak cepat, since ING cover....can I just come back here next week and sign the bill?"

"jap yer I check....owh, tinggal satu jer lagi nih, after this will your turn".


Cut the story short, I arrived at PICC around 12.30pm. Called Nawal and luckily, I met her accidentally at the escalator. Seems they just finished the session at the main hall. Dalam hati mmg..Rugi, rugi, rugi, rugi, rugi...owh, saya sungguh kecewa. If only I went to the hospital early then, I won't late and missed the chances to hear the talk. *sigh*

We checked the programme booklet and there is a workshop will conduct soon. The registration counter is located at Hall 8 at concourse level. Joined the long line-up and I bit annoyed when one of the volunteer came to us and asked " Anything that I can help?" She 's 100% MALAY and she wants to speakMalay with us. She was so trying hard to do so. I will speak English whenever I need to. I love my mother tongue but that doesn't mean that I hate other language. There was so many foreigners at the event, you can speak english with them. Nawal then, subtly replied them in BAHASA. HAHAHA... then, I heard sisters behind me also talked about the same thing.

The title of the workshop that we want to join is " Marriage corner". They put us in waiting list since they said it was full already. How come la??. They should expect the crowd and most important is we 've PAID already. No matter what we want to join. One of the brother said, "takut tak selesa if you all nak berdiri". We both are not satisfied and think that, there's no restriction when come to "majlis ilmu". Zaman Nabi dulu, dengar atas padang pasir beratapkan langit dan awan serta matahari yg panas terik. OK jer. So, 5 minutes before the talk started, we already sit on the chair provided. Finally, while the sisters busy checking the name in the list in front of the door, the brother asked them to just let them in. See? our malaysian's thought between outsiders are so different?.....

By the time it finished we then off to Zuhur Prayer. It's crowded in the musolla thus, I saw some sisters performed their solah outside the musolla and I think, tomorrow..I'll join them. We had lunch the cafeteria. There's only one dish that left for us. Alhamdulillah...that 's our rezeki for that day. But........before we proceed to pay, we spot someone had left their food on the table without paid. Then, Nawal said, "dari membazir, we better take that food". Ok la, ader variety dlm menu tuh.

For the afternoon session, We listened to the performance. It was Boona Mohamed. Frankly, before I attend this kind of event...I only knew Maher Zain and few celebrities yg 'ghosak'. Boona delivered his poem and I was stunned with the performance. Dalam hati cakap, a(da jugak orang buat bende macam nih, tak sangka)

I don't stay until pm. By 6.30pm I reached home already. There's a guilty deep inside my heart when I left my kids at home during the weekends. But, my mindset was changed the minute I heard a talked from Prof Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Hj Siraj. She gave a lecturer entitled "women in God's eye". Very, very, very inspiring. Capital I.
I also bought hijab and brooch from Kak Farra Bagaikan Puteri 's stall. Overall, I was satisfied. Thanks to ALLAH for open my heart to attend the event. Lovely husband for allowed me to go by myself, Nawal my dear sister who being my accompany during the 2 whole event and my charming kids, Hannah, Umair and Ukasyah ( the one is still in stomach). Alhamdulillah. RM100 are really worth it!.

ps : For day 2 of the TOF, I won't update in this blog due to my laziness. Please check it in my FB album. :-)

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  1. ngah, macam KK kat sini je 3 jam menunggu turn.hehe


  2. Tu lah, kat sini though we put 9.40 am and we arrived sharp on time, but they will give the turn to those who come 1st..kiranye, 1st come 1st basis la..and sometimes it was delayed because the gynea need to the operation.

  3. nany pregnant no 3 ye..tahniah...dah berapa minggu?

  4. Wanieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe..Alhamdulillah...rezeki ( accident gak mcm LInda) hahaha...dah 5 months Wanie..cepat jer kan, tapi letih lain mcm sket la..maybe sebab umair masih kecik kot, malam pun kadang2 die tak lena tido..


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