Goodbye AMEDA, welcome MEDELA FS

By Sunday, January 01, 2012 ,



This is my officially entry on 1 jan 2012. I am not really excited when come to the new year. It's just an ordinary thing. As a muslims, we need to reflect on ourselves and try hard to improve ourselves. And that the most important I think. May ALLAH always give the strength and good health for me and all muslimin also muslimat so that we can do ibadah very well and accepted by Almighty.

We had an event and I was one of the committee members. It was " Breastfeeding according to Al-Quran'. It was a talk done by a sisters in BSC ( Breastfeeding support Club) of PETRONAS. Besides, we also have a bargain and sell corner. I think, it was my rezeki, when someone wants to let go her new brand of Medela FS at RM1300. Without thinking twice ( less than 1 sec I think). I dialed her number adn thanks ALLAH, it was mine. Now, time to let go my beloved AMEDA.

AMEDA done it's duty very well. It just the valve that need to clean carefully. That's the only fragile part. The rest, I am 100% satisfied. I brought AMEDA to baking class and PKNS Shah Alam when I need to renew my passport. Until, my sister looking for breastpump. So, I decided to sell my AMEDA to her together with the Breast pump bag, 2 bottles, cooler bag, batteries which only RM200.

Now, I can't wait to use my MEDELA FS. May ALLAH made everything easy for me. Amin

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  1. thanks angah! :) ameda is mine now..

    makcik Johor

  2. You're welcome...let me know if you need anything ya!


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