Hannah 1st day to Genius Aulad

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Before the actual day start for Hannah, me and my husband always told her that she will go to new school by herself, there will be a van pick her at house and mama/papa won't go with her like what we did for her playgroup with Alimkids. We were so nervous and imagine only the bad thing. But Alhamdulillah...we was wrong. She did well for the 1st two days during her orientation day. We were invited on Saturday, 31st Dec 2011 for Genius Aulad parents open day. Basically, the teacher will brief parents on what we should do. I.e, label our kids belongings with their name like we did at Hannah's shoes at the picture below. Apart from that, they also gave us a "Message Book". This is the sapce when you and the teacher want to communicate each other. Not trough SMS or FB . We need to ensure that, this book will be always inside Hannah's bag. Another things to bring along is, a shirt and pants.

I went to the nearest COSWAY at our house to find the suitable bag for Hannah after my husband and Hannah looking for the mickey mouse bag at GIANT. ( she's the one who decided what bag that she want) I bought at COSWAY because I want to redeem my coupon. The price is around RM39.90 and they need 32 coupon to redeem this bag and because I was a loyal customer to them, so I have no problem with that amount of coupon. :-)

The driver is holding Hannah's hand and walking towards the door of the school building.

And.....this is the picture taken by failure paparazzi. I took it from a far distance and they moved so fast. I need to hide, else Hannah will noticed my presence. There's only 3 of them for the 1st day and I bet, most parents took a leave and sent their kids by themselves. See? Hannah is the smallest among 3 of them. My only daughter is a BIG GIRL now. I know, I need to teach her how to be an independent person and sooner or later she will have her own world and will not really need me anymore. Sob, sob, sob....no matter how big she is...I will always see her as my BABY. My dearest BABY. O ALLAH, please protect Hannah from any harm because I love her so much!.

ps : Will be another post on 2nd day of Hannah at Genius Aulad. Teacher Azra ( her class teacher is very kind) I asked her to took some pictures of Hannah and her friends and she did that. Will update later ok.

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  1. "sooner or later she will have her own world and will not really need me anymore" what a sad quote indeed...

    definitely our precious children will left us behind and lead their own life.. May Allah help us to nurture them to become soleh/solehah so that they will be the most valuable asset for us in the world and the hereafter!

    all the best to you & me in parenting the future caliphs!


    1. buku tulis hannah sgt comel..dan hannah nampak sgt baik =)ayom

    2. buku tulis hannah sgt comel..dan hannah nampak sgt baik =)ayom

  2. AYom : Bukan, buku tuh utk mama / papa and teacher hannah communicate to each other. :-)

  3. I think GA is so so only lah. My kid after 4 months no improvement at all. Teacher asyik suruh menghafal dari buku Adam and Dina not emphasizing on A-D-A-M ADAM. overall I think I am going to send my kid somewhere else.

  4. At this moment, that is the best kindy for our daughter. We're looking pre school yg Ada transport and quite near to our place.I think diff kids have their own ability and some of them takes time to absorb something. I like Ga because it is an Islamic environment. After all, parents is the best teacher... Good luck and all the best for you and your kids! inshaAllah, with Allah help, you will find the best one for them.

    -mama Hannah-


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