After a week at Genius Aulad

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These books are obligation to all of the student to have it. Iqra' book, starter words reading series and number chat. We need to ensure that all books must inside Hannah's bag and in fact, parents must have a revision with the child everyday. Basically, if they did the reading together, so her teacher will mark at that particular page.

The short form that they used were :

RV : revision
C : continue
R : Repeat
P : progressing
T : Teacher's tell

And after 1 week she at school, there's only RV inside her book. We did a revision at home every night and the problem that I have with Hannah is, she's seems not interested with what I tried to teach her although she repeated what I have said, she was very easy to be distracted. Her eyes did not focus with what I was trying to show. That was hard for the people who lack with patient. ( ehem!!!)

Thank you for the MESSAGE BOOK. I wrote to her teacher and ask for her teacher clarification on how she was at classroom during the reading period. And to my surprised, I got a called from her teacher, namely SYASYA. She's the one who taught the kids on reading. As what I expected, she also had a same experience with Hannah. I was felt a bit relief when she said that to me. She also mentioned that, it's normal for 4 yrs old kid to have that kind of problem. Unless, we as a parent had taught her on how to read as young as 1 yr old or.......even they were still a fetus inside my womb.

So, she advised me to be consistent with what I am doing right now. Seriously, it is not an easy job when you a career woman to be a good teacher at the same time . But for me, quality is more important than quantity. InshaALLAH, as ALLAH promised in surah Al-InSyirah, there will be an ease for each of difficulties and it was repeated twice. Believe in it 100% and ALLAH will answer our prayer.
This is new bag of Hannah since, the Iqra' book size is A-4 size. Hannah now can save her time without folding her Iqra' book anymore.

Owh, remember my previous post regarding Hannah's second day at school?. This is the 1st report that her teacher wrote inside her MESSAGE BOOK. Alhamdulillah, according to her both teachers, Hannah is a good girl and the same goes to acik van as well. I was very happy to hear that. I know, we can't build a bridge in one day. :-)

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