Hannah 2nd day

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Hannah is sitting at her chair. She showed me where to put her bag and shoes.

I am sending off my dear daughter today just want to get know the flow and meet her teacher. Alhamdulillah, before I went to the office, I managed to met her teacher and her told me that Hannah was OK yesterday. When they arrived, they need to bring their shoes to their class located at the upstair.
List of students name for 4 Bashrah. Hannah's class
Hannah's class on the right
One of their activity, colouring!

Break time!. Hannah is eating bread. Her face told that, she doesn't really like bread. Indeed true. Kat rumah pun tak pandang roti.
She is looking at her bread. Maybe she thought ( How I am going to finish this? ) hehehe
Color the house

Hannah and her friends. It's time to go back!~....

Dear Teacher Azra,

Thank you for willing to capture these moments. I'd really appreciate it!. Today, I got a 1st comment wrote at the 'message book'. I am happy and glad when her teacher told that Hannah is doing fine and always smile in the class. ( that was cute, isn't it?)

Will capture that page and show to you guys! esp my MAKCIK at Johor!

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  1. hannah is super cute..learn, play and grow happily ok..? :)



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