Umair's 1st Birthday

By Saturday, February 25, 2012 ,


Dear Umair,

Happy belated birthday. Since you're still very2 young we 're (mama and papa) don't make a birthday bash for you. But i think, a small gathering with mama's family at Port Dickson last month is enough for you.

We had a wonderful bbq just at the balcony of the apartment, a yummylicious birthday cake sponsored by Mak Lang, Pak Lang and Mu'az. Enjoyed your 1st swimming moment with your sister as well as the scenery of the beach. We hope that you're realized that all of us were celebrated your birthday.

May ALLAH always protect you, be a good muslim, leader to all muslim as your name is (Khaleef) which means Khalifah.

Seriously, we love you unconditionally!!!

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  1. Assalammualaikum Faris,

    Thank you!. Selamat menjadi Abang Long yer...jaga Hadif leklok..hehe


  2. Umair looks very happy.mus'ab wants to play and learn with umair when mus'ab grows up. Happy birthday umair. Be a soleh son ya. Love you

  3. best wishes from pakistan,


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