Hannah's 4th birthday celebration at Genius Aulad Bandar Kinrara

By Saturday, February 25, 2012 ,


Today is Hannah's 4th birthday. I was took a leave yesterday just to celebrate her birthday with her friends and teachers. It's just a simple one
but this is her 1st time birthday celebration at her pre-school. I should thank to ALLAH to give me an opportunity to be her side on her birthday. Without the support from her class teacher , AZRA and Genius Aulad management as well, I might not be able to see her cut her birthday cake with her friends.

The arrangement was made on early Februar
y. I asked her teacher whether parent can celebrate their daughter's birthday together during their school time and Alhamdulillah, recently Genius Aulad issued the permission for parents to celebrate their birthday together with their kids and the celebration only will be made on every last Friday at the end of the month and what a coincident, when 24th Feb is the last Friday in Feb and it's only 1 day early than Hannah's birthday, 25th Feb. :-) :-).

I booked an edible image birthday cake from
Kak Aisha. She's living at Taman Tenaga, Puchong which is very near to our place. Hannah wanted a princess cake for her birthday and I granted her wishes. It was a chocolate cake and the taste was very delicious. I stop to order a 3D birthday cake since the taste was ...errr....not so good but the appearance was really nice.

For the goodies, I just asked my new neighbor to bake a mini cupcakes with various flavor ( choc/vanilla and strawberries). I love the packaging so much. It's very simple but attractive with no ribbon at all. Very suitable to give to the kids. If you want to try it, you may go to Kak Yati's blog. I knew her from Muslimah BK group in FB. Alhamdulillah, ALLAH ease everything for me.

We were planned to bring Hannah to ride the horse today but need to postponed it since today we have a 'parents sharing day' at Genius Aulad. Perhaps, tomorrow?.

(From left) Teacher Shasha, Azra and the bibik. Their break time are same time for all classes. I amazed with all the teachers here since they have a powerful voice.
One of her classmate's birthday cake. Hamani's birthday was on 10th February. Both of them were celebrate it together.

Teacher Azra is helping Hannah and Hamani cutting their cake. The rest of the kids were really happy. :-)
kids were looking amazingly at Hamani's cake.
Teacher Shasha with few of her students
Doorgift from Kak Yati. It's a mini cupcakes.
Boys are reciting the dhu'a before eat.
She's 4 yrs old already!
Mama and birthday girls
Distributing the cake by teachers and some helpers
Eating time!
The cake is delicious.
One of Hannah's best buddy. Alesya Hana.

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