Home sick we guess!

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Hannah started cranky ever since we 're back from a long break when both of us took a leave and went back to Kelantan. Everynight she complaint she doesn't want to go to school and asked us so many time, why must she go to school. Hundred answers we gave to her. And yet, she still the same. The weird thing is, although she said that she doesn't want to go to school, she still have a BIG GRIN once she reached at home.

I was worried and hope nothing bad happened to her at her school. I wrote to her teacher and explained the situation. Her teacher replied that she still the same as before she took a leave. As for the encouragement, her teacher will give her a sticker before dismissal.

The result?...she less complaint but still sometimes, she will say that she does'n want to go to the school. Until one day, as usual, I 'll give her a call everyday once she reached at home. She happily said that she won the prize and according to her she won because she colored the flower very nice. :-) :-).She was extremely happy that evening. The box still in a good condition, She wait for me just to open the prize. ( That was sooo sweet). I texted my two sisters and told them the good news since I was very happy too. ( Can't imagine if her score straight A's or pass with flying colours in her examination). My mom? lagila, gembira sangat!.hahahah...excited, cucu sulong dapat tempat pertama mewarna.

Alhamdulillah, until now...she's doing fine with her school. I thanked her teacher as well since her teacher really love her and respond very well in the message book if I have something concerned about her. May ALLAH can repay her kindness. Next week, I'll took a leave and will celebrate her 4th birthday with her classmates and teachers.

I am now, teaching her to memorize Al-fatihah, and surah 3 Qul. She knew how to recite dhu'a before and after her meal. Once in a week we try to perform solat maghrib at our nearby mosque. We always pray that my kids will become a soleh and solehah person. Choose the right path and make the Al-Quran and Sunnah as their guidance. InshaALLAH....

Till now, will cont' soon.....

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  1. ngah, mak was so happy. i could see some pearls in her eyes while she was on the phone receiving the good news from u! hehehe -acik

    congrates kakak hannah!
    from al khair

  2. Dear Acik and Baby Al-Khair,

    Yes...I can hear the joy from her voice. I knew she cried. :-) :-) :-)

  3. congrat to hannah... abg n k yana tumpang gumbira!

  4. Abang and Wanie : Thank you. Rase2 nyer sebab nak encourage Hannah suka ke school. :-)

  5. sweet posting hannah dgn hadiahnye =) nanti ajar mu'az mewarna yer =)

  6. Hehehe..boleh Mak Lang. Jangan dimakan color nya yer Mu'az.


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