Our 1st Europe Vacation

By Monday, November 19, 2012 ,

So i did the purchase after become like a mad people reading the promotions from one website to another website until i found the truly helpful website. If you're planning to go the Switzerland and you're 1st timer,by all mean please go to this website : www.myswissalps.com Seriously, it helped me A LOT! They never missed to answer my questions that being posted in the forum. InshaAllah, by this 26th we will be in Swiss and back to Paris on 29th Nov. We will be going there by public transport as husband refused to drive and found out there was a GREAT offer swiss travel pass. Buy the ticket for 2 persons but only pay for one person and we can use that pass for 4 nonconsecutive days regardless how far you travel and frequent you took their public transport which including train, tram, bus and boats! May Allah Swt ease our journey, make me and family always remember HIM and perform the solah at whenever we are. Make this as the safest journey. Aameen.

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