Belated Birthday Hannah

By Sunday, March 03, 2013 ,


Yeay! Alhamdulillah...February goes by and we're in March already. This means, winter is about to go and spring is around the corner. I can't wait to see the flowers bloom and how the atmosphere will be changing. The weather of course!.

I supposed to publish  this entry last month but quite busy with kiddos and lazy as well. Hannah was turned 5 yrs old on  25th February. We did not celebrate her birthday due to many Halal cake with fancy theme, our location of the house ( 1st floor and lantai kayu) and no transport to buy ingredients for the guests. That's it. Makan-makan jer kat Himalaya Restaurant.

Let's recalled what we have done for her 4 yrs back

2009 = We did the family photo :

2010 : Housewarming cum birthday bash

2011 : Small birthday celebration. We only invited our siblings, relatives and closed friends.

2012 : She had a wonderful celebration with her classmates, teachers and myself at her school. Genius Aulad. 

2013= Makan-makan at Himalaya restaurant. Only 5 of us.

5yrs old girl. Our dua's will always be with you. No matter what, you will be our daughter forever and ever..may we become one happy family in Jannah. InshaALLAH.

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  1. Happh birthday hannah...smg menjadi anak/insan yang solehah dunia dan akhirat...

  2. happy belated birthday Hannah! gud doter, sister ok.. ;)

  3. happy birthday hannah!~ smga membesar jd anak solehah :)

    salam nany, saya akan ke france bulan depan utk 3 bulan..nak emel nany nak tanya few things tp xjmpe emel add..boleh x nany emel sy at thank you sgt! :)

  4. happy belated Bday Hannah dear.. May you grow up to be anak yang taat..


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